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Best ordering platform available and we looked at a bunch over the years while we were searching for a catering platform, just ask our customers, that’s the real reason - they love the ease and the features!

Don Cabo Bob’s

The Ordering is the easiest online ordering platform out of any I’ve used. The Square integration seamlessly puts online orders into our queue and keeps business running smoothly. It is now the only service we work with and we love it!

Raine Sundaze

With the dining out trend changing drastically over that last few years, the platform has help us stay ahead of the game, and offer features that both our customers are looking for and that help us innovate how we interact with them.

Jonathan Kesos

Effortless POS Integrations

We believe taking online orders should be easy and tailored to how you work today.

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Our system will pump orders directly into your existing POS and printers. No tablets, no calls, no problem.

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Receive a free tablet within 48 hours and start taking online orders straight to your kitchen line.

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Flat-fee pricing.
No contracts.
No setup fees.

Taking a percentage cut of your revenue isn’t fair, and isn’t our style.

Our model is straight forward:

$ 0.45 per order
by the restaurant
by the customer

We only get paid when you do.

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